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A rainy day

It was a Rainy day. Actually, it was a  rainy evening. Most part of the day was blazing hot.

The sky was completely covered with  dark blue, almost black clouds. Looking at them, scenes from “The day after tomorrow” flashed through my mind. Naturally my thoughts became moody and depressing.

I climbed up the stairs to the terrace. The rain was light, but the winds were strong. Not a good thing. Strong wind blows the clouds away. looks like it wont be a downpour. Lightning lit up the clouds and thunder crackled. But the rain was light. yeah yeah.. lot of show of! but no substance!  I thought, looking at the clouds.

That thought led to another, which led to another. Finally, after a lot of detours, I ended up thinking a particularly interesting thought.

Can i find out, how many drops of rain will hit a unit  area of ground, for a unit period of time?

I thought for about 5 minutes, and arrived at a set of ways to measure the rate of raindrop hits.


Very exited now, I sped down the steps into my house and realized there was no power. Scrambling around in the dark i managed to find a book, a pen and a stop watch. I rushed out into the balcony and opened the book to an empty page. I started the stop watch, and simultaneously, thrust the book with the empty page facing upwards out into the rain. I waited for 5 seconds and pulled the book in.

I went in and sat on the dining table. Under the light of the candle, I counted the number of wet dots on the paper. Noted the number down, and repeated the experiment 2 more times. Now i found out the average of the 3 numbers.

images (1)


Now that, is the number of rain drops hitting the area of 500cm^2  {17cm x 28cm(length of sides) =500(approx)}  in 5 sec. After some math steps later, i arrived at the Figure i needed-The number of rain drops, Hitting one meter square area in one second-84.

So if I had drawn a square with side one meter on the ground, at that instant, 84 drops of rain would hit it in one second.

Now that I found that out, I wondered what else could i do…. But of course! I could find out the volume of water hitting the city of Hyderabad (Assuming it was raining in the entire city :P) in one second!

After more calculations, I arrived at another number – 18,00,000.

about 18,00,000 Liters of water would be hitting Hyderabad in one second. Just one second.

That is about 90 lakh glasses of water.

If you wanted to store all that water, in a cylindrical container, with radius 1 meter, Its height would be around 573 meters. That is 5 of my school football fields on top of each other.

Now all these stats are for one second. And for rain that is barely a drizzle.

By the time i finished all these calculations, the “rain” has stopped, the power was back, and my mom was calling me for dinner. As I get up eagerly to eat my rotis, A sensation of humble respect fills my heart. Respect to Nature. A system which operates in such large numbers.




5 thoughts on “A rainy day

  1. Surprising we even have a water shortage. All owing to poor management and planning. Great article Ravi!!


  2. Surprising we even have a water shortage. All owed to poor planning and management. Great article Ravi!!


  3. Great number crunching analysis, loved the way you conveyed the statistical facts through means of known measurements, keep it up, good work!!


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